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Custom Robots

Precise’s focus is to provide superior robot and motion control products to OEM’s.  Leveraging our custom kinematics capability, our motion controllers are in operation in mechanisms designed by our OEM’s that range from room size gantries, Semiconductor wafer handlers, testing systems, Delta robot packaging systems, SCARA and 6-axis articulated robots and much more.  In the Life Sciences and other emerging robotic markets, Precise provides standard robot products that are integrated by OEM’s into tabletop solutions. However, if our standard robots do not satisfy your requirements, Precise Automation can develop and supply a custom OEM robot specifically designed to address your application needs. By utilizing Precise's experienced team of mechanical, electrical and controls engineers, our compact and powerful Guidance Motion Controllers and extensive kinematics library, we can develop unique, elegant, small-to-medium sized robotic solutions for your application.

Focus on Your Strength

How do you want to spend your next year? Do you want to dedicate your staff to developing robots or leveraging your core competencies to develop your company’s products? With a custom robot from Precise, you can work to your strengths while Precise designs, engineers, manufactures and optimizes a custom robot to meet your application specifications. Unlike other custom robotics providers, Precise can take responsibility for your automation through the conceptualization, development and production stages of your product cycle. As your system develops, Precise will be there to help ensure your automation increases productivity and controls cost.

Trust Experience

Our engineering team will utilize our 30 years of automation experience along with our cutting edge controller technology to develop automation that will enhance the elegance of your solution while reducing your time to market. The same design team that developed the PUMA robot for Unimation (the world’s first small parts handling electric robot) and founded and led Adept Technology (the U.S.’s largest and premier provider of assembly robots for decades) will spearhead the development of your robotic solution. For more information about custom robots, please contact us to discuss your application.


Custom Robots

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