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New Distributor and Representative Signed. We are happy to announce that Precise Automation signed agreements with Rocky Mountain MotorReps ( and Credimex AG ( Rocky Mountain MotorReps will represent Precise in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Credimex AG will distribute Precise products in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. RMMR, Credimex
Brian Powell joins Precise Automation. We are happy to announce that Brian Powell will be joining Precise Automation as Vice President of Sales and Operations. Before joining Precise, Mr. Powell was Director of Automation Sales and Program Manager at Xyratex. He was also one of the top Sales Managers at Adept Technology and has experience selling machine vision systems for RVSI. We are extremely excited that Mr. Powell is joining our team.
Precise Automation
Guidance Dispense Introduced. Guidance Dispense is a set of hardware and software components that can be utilized to implement a complete automated dispensing system. When these components are integrated with a PrecisePlace or other robot, they can automatically dispense adhesives, sealants and other fluids along both simple and arbitrarily complex paths. Path programming is performed using simple teach-and-repeat methods that can be augmented by machine vision to automatically correct for deviations in part position and orientation. For more information click here.
Guidance Dispense
Precise Automation Manual Control Pendant Introduced. Precise Automation's Manual Control Pendant is compatible with both our PrecisePlace robots and our Guidance Motion Controllers. It provides a useful alterative to the virtual control pendant included with our controller products. For more information download our product catalog.
20 Amp motor drive option available on guidance controllers. A new higher power 20 amp motor drive option is now available on both the 2000 and the 3000 series of Guidance Motion Controllers. These drives are 20A peak, 9.5A RMS and 6.5A stall per channel. For more information on Guidance Controllers click here.
Guidance Controller
PrecisePower - Intelligent Motor Power Supplies Renamed. Precise Automation's 500W and 2000W motor power supplies have been renamed: PrecisePower 500/2000 - Intelligent Motor Power Supplies. This name change is to highlight the features of the PrecisePower beyond those provided by typical motor power supplies. These features include: large output filter capacitors to store deceleration energy for use when power is needed, the ability to absorb line spikes and built-in fuses. For more information on Precise's power supplies download our product catalog.
PreciseVision Version 2.0 Coming Soon. The release of PreciseVision version 2.0 is coming soon. New tools include: connectivity (blob finder), arc fitter, pixel window and motion sensing. New features include: integrated controller web pages and support for high resolution DALSA cameras. If you purchased PreciseVision and would like to be notified when new software versions are available for download, please e-mail your company name and PreciseVision serial number to You will then automatically receive e-mail notification when updates are available through our web page. For more information on PreciseVision click here.
New video available for download on website. Videos featuring the Guidance 3400 Controller driving a room sized gantry and the new Guidance Dispense software and hardware are available on our website. To visit our video download page click here. New Videos
Upcoming Trade Shows. Visit Precise Automation at:
ATExpo Booth 132, September 25-27 in Rosemont (Chicago), IL, USA.
RoboDevelopment Booth 218, October 25-26 in San Jose, CA, USA.
Guidance 3400 Controller Featured in Control Design Magazine. Control Design Magazine's article "The sustainable machine" featured the Guidance 3400 Controller. To read the article click here.
Guidance 3400
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