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New Distributor Signed We are happy to announce that Precise Automation has signed a distribution agreement with Cross Automation ( Cross will distribute Precise's controller and vision products in Alabama, North & South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia.
PreciseFlex SCARA Robot BETAS SHIPPING This summer, Precise Automation will introduce the PreciseFlex three or four axis SCARA robot. Beta units have shipped to beta sites and testing is underway now. This low-cost, quiet OEM robot includes the same great features as our existing line of PrecisePlace robots (optional machine vision, quick and easy set-up, no controller cabinet, harness and controller embedded within the robot structure). The PreciseFlex can be equipped with a vertically mounted gripper that allows the robot to reach down to assemble parts or a horizontally mounted gripper that can service a row of equipment that is not directly in-line with the robot's base. Combined with the powerful Guidance Controller that is included within each robot, and Precise's SCARA kinematics and advanced motion control, the PreciseFlex can greatly reduce cycle times with the most efficient station-to-station motions possible. More information on this product will be coming to our website soon.
Patent Awarded for Traction drive Robot We are proud to announce that Precise has been awarded U.S. Patent 7,343,684 for its innovative traction drive.  This zero backlash drive, currently used in Precise Automation’s three and four axis PrecisePlace Cartesian robots, provides linear motor repeatability and smoothness at a fraction of the cost. We have recently begun shipping the next generation of PrecisePlace robots with this technology. The PrecisePlace 2400/2300 series includes the same great features as the 1000 series PrecisePlace robots (optional machine vision, quick and easy set-up, no controller cabinet, harness and controller embedded within the robot structure). In addition, the 2400/2300 series offers a number of substantially improved features such as higher payload capacity, longer available X and Y travel lengths and a more rugged design at a very  low price. For more information click here.
New Enhanced GPL motion control Modes available soon Precise Automation's Guidance Programming Language provides a variety of powerful, easy-to-use motion control features. These features will soon be expanded even further with the addition of a real-time trajectory modification mode (permits programs to dynamically modify a planned path while the path is being executed), conveyor tracking (coordinates robot motion with conveyor belt motion), and analog output controlled by tool tip speed (alters an analog output based upon the robot's instantaneous tool tip speed). These features are currently being tested and will be released in the next few months. For more information on GPL click here to see Precise's Product Catalog.

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Assembly Technology Expo Booth 114, September 23-25, 2008 in Rosemont (Chicago), IL, USA

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