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Guidance 2400C Controllers Introduced. Precise Automation introduces our newest addition to the Guidance family of robotic motion controllers, the Guidance 2400C Series. The 2400C Series replaces the 2400A and offers the same full range of motor voltages (24VDC to 340VDC) as our Guidance 3400A Series  with a small reduction in functionality, but at a lower price. This allows Precise to provide our powerful motion control, programming language and multi-axis kinematics library in an even more cost effective package than ever before. More information on this product will be coming to our website soon.
Two Axis PrecisePlace Cartesian Configuration Now Available. Our PrecisePlace Cartesian robots are now available in two axis XY or XZ configurations. Like all of Precise's robots, the two axis Cartesians include the controller and harnesses embedded within the robot's structure, resulting in a much smaller footprint. No controller integration is required, no harness to purchase or thread and no extra controller cabinets. The PrecisePlace Robots combine the powerful Guidance Vision-Guided Motion Controller, a patented direct drive system and servo motor performance. These features enable smooth, quiet motion without the use of linear motors or other expensive components. This greatly reduces cost without sacrificing performance or capabilities and makes Precise robots ideal for applications where simple installation, size and budget are critical. For more information click here.
GPL Version 2.1 Coming Soon. The release of GPL version 2.1 is coming soon. New tools include: PreciseFlex SCARA robot support, conveyor tracking, encoder latching, dynamic trajectory modification, Select/Case control structures, thread synchronization and scheduling methods, enhanced encoder filtering, enhanced absolute encoder support. If you have a Guidance Controller and would like to be notified when new software versions are available for download, please e-mail your company name and controller serial number to You will then automatically receive e-mail notification when updates are available through our web page.
New Enhanced PreciseVision Tools Available. PreciseVision is a machine vision software package that executes on a PC and connects to a Guidance Controller and to cameras via Ethernet. It features powerful locating, identifying, measuring and inspecting tools, fully integrated with Guidance motion controls. Its features have been expanded even further with the addition of support for Dalsa color cameras (enables the software to identify and sort objects based on color), new calibration methods that support mounting cameras on Precise's PrecisePlace robot (using Precise's Arm Mounted Camera Kit) and upstream camera calibration for supporting vision guided conveyor tracking. For more information on PreciseVision click here. To see PreciseVision sorting parts by color, please visit our video download page on our website.
Color camera support
Precise Robots Are Now CE Certified. Precise Automation's PrecisePlace Cartesian Robots and PreciseFlex SCARA Robots have met the emissions and safety requirements set out in European Directives and are now CE Certified. Precise's robots also meet the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as well.

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