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New Product Catalog Available Now. Precise Automation's new 2009 Catalog is available for download on our website. The new version includes updated information on all of our newest products including the PrecisePlace 2000A series Cartesian robots, the PreciseFlex 1000 series SCARA robots and the Guidance Controller 3000A, 2000B and 2000C series motion controllers. To download the catalog click here.
Product Catalog
New Kinematics Webpage Online. Guidance Controllers support a variety of optional Kinematic Modules for converting Cartesian (XYZ) positions and orientations to axis coordinates and vise versa. This kinematic library allows the programmer to control complex machines (including articulated, parallel and redundant axis robots) with simple Cartesian commands (e.g. move 20 mm in the X direction). Click here to see a table of some of the available configurations contained in the Guidance Controllers' kinematic library including delta robot kinematics, SCARA robot kinematics and 5/6-axis articulated robot kinematics. Kinematics
PrecisePlace 2x00A Series Introduced. The next generation of the PrecisePlace Cartesian robots has begun shipping.   The PrecisePlace 2x00A series includes the same great features as the 2x00 series PrecisePlace robots (optional machine vision, quick and easy set-up, no controller cabinet, harness and controller embedded within the robot structure). In addition, the 2x00A series features more powerful X axis motors that can achieve a 1.8-2 second cycle time for a 300 mm by 25 mm pick-and-place motion; and Z-axis motors with absolute encoders for simplified start-up. All of these features are available for the same low price as the 2x00 series. New options are also being introduced including: a high resolution encoder option for increased movement resolution in the X and Y axis, a gantry option for increased accuracy and payload capabilities, and a clean room option to upgrade the robot to ISO class 2. For more information click here.
Standalone Version Of PreciseVision Available Soon. PreciseVision Software will soon be available in a standalone version that does not require a Guidance Controller. This will allow you to apply our powerful, yet easy to use vision tools in a variety of new applications. During the next months, we will be introducing expanded vision features specifically for standalone use. More information coming soon.
PrecisePower 300 Introduced. The newest in Precise Automation's line of PrecisePower - Intelligent Motor Power Supplies have begun to ship. The PrecisePower 300 features all of the same great features as our other PrecisePower supplies (relays for enabling and disabling motor power via commands from the controller, large value output filter capacitors to store deceleration energy for use when power is needed, ability to absorb line spikes and built-in fuses) in a new smaller, lower cost package. With 120 VAC input, this power supply generates approximately 167 VDC and 300-watts RMS. With 240 VAC input, the output is approximately 337 VDC and 600-watts RMS. More information will be available on our website soon.
GPL Version 2.1 Available Now. GPL version 2.1 is now available. New features include: PreciseFlex SCARA robot support, conveyor tracking capability, high-speed encoder latching, dynamic trajectory modification, Select/Case control structures, thread synchronization and scheduling methods, enhanced encoder filtering and enhanced absolute encoder support. If you have a Guidance Controller and would like to be notified when new software versions are available for download, please e-mail your company name and controller serial number to You will then automatically receive e-mail notification when updates are available through our web page.
GDS Version 2.1 Available Now. GDS version 2.1 is now available. New features include file protection for GPL projects, dynamic updates of global values that takes effect immediately in the currently executing project, support for GPL 2.1 including latching and conveyor tracking, improved support for debugging multiple threads and a new compiler error tool that allows a user to jump to the program line where an error was detected. Enhancements to the Configuration Utility include a new firmware update wizard, enhanced current loop tuning, improved encoder filtering and support for G2xxxB/C Series controllers. If you own GDS and would like to be notified when new software versions are available for download, please e-mail your company name and GDS serial number to You will then automatically receive e-mail notification when updates are available through our web page.

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