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New Product Catalog Available Now. Precise Automation's new 2010 Catalog is available for download on our website. The new version includes: updated information on all of our newest products including the Guidance System D4/D6; information on new options for the PrecisePlace and PreciseFlex Robots; details on USB camera support for PreciseVision; and the most up to date information on our existing product lines. To download the catalog click here.
Product Catalog
gUIDANCE sYSTEM d4/d6 iNTRODUCED. The Guidance System D4/D6 (GS-D4/D6) is the latest in Precise Automation’s extremely powerful and compact Guidance Motion System products. This unit includes all of the electronic components necessary to operate a robotic mechanism: a four or six-axis motion controller; motor and logic power supplies; fans and filters for cooling; and easy-to-use standard connectors. This hardware is combined with Precise’s modern, full-featured programming language and kinematic library. The GS-D4/D6 integrates easily with third party mechanisms such as the DENSO Robotics HS series SCARA or VP/VS series 6-Axis Articulated Robots. For customers who wish to use third party robots, but desire the features of a Guidance Controller, this system provides a convenient, ready-to-use alternative to purchasing, mounting and wiring all of the motion control components necessary for a complete system. For more information click here.
Six Axis Version Of Guidance 2x00c series controller introduced. The Guidance 2x00C Controller product line has been expanded to include a six-axis version. The Guidance 2600C Controller consists of a four-axis Enhanced Guidance 2400C Controller interfaced to a two-axis Guidance 0200C Slave Amplifier. The 2600C series is available with either 10A peak or 20A peak motor drives. For more information, please download our Product Catalog by clicking here.
PreciseFlex 400 SCARA Robot Coming Soon. This winter, Precise Automation will introduce the PreciseFlex 400 four-axis SCARA robot. This low-cost, quiet OEM robot includes the same great features as our existing line of PreciseFlex 1000 Robots (optional machine vision, quick and easy set-up, no controller cabinet, harness and controller embedded within the robot structure, and smooth and quiet servo motors) in a smaller, more space efficient, lower-cost design. Combined with a powerful Guidance Controller, which is included with each robot, and Precise's SCARA kinematics and advanced motion control, the PreciseFlex 400 can greatly reduce cycle times with the most efficient station-to-station motions possible. More information will be coming to our website soon.
Guidance 1400A Controller Coming Soon. The next generation of Guidance 1400 Motion Controllers will be available soon. The 1400A series includes all of the great features of the original 1400 Series Controllers (coordinated multi-axis robotic motion control, integrated servo motor drives, network communications, machine vision interface) in a low-cost, pocket-sized package. In addition, the 1400A includes more powerful motor drives (capable of driving two 200W and two 100W motors simultaneously) and enhanced communication capabilities, such as a dedicated MCP interface and RS-485 for connecting to remote IO. More information will be coming to our website soon.
Barcode Reading Available in PreciseVision Soon. PreciseVision is a machine vision software package that executes on a PC and connects to a Guidance Controller via Ethernet. It features powerful locating, identifying, measuring and inspecting tools. Its features will soon be expanded even further with the addition of the ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes. PreciseVision easily integrates with any Precise robot or 3rd party mechanism controlled by a Guidance Motion Controller. For more information on PreciseVision click here.
Version 3.0 Software Now Available. GPL, GDS and PreciseVision version 3.0 are all available for download via Precise's support webpages. If you own Precise software licenses and would like to be notified when new software versions are available for download, please e-mail your company name and product serial number to You will then automatically receive e-mail notification when updates are available through our web page. The support webpages always have the most up to date software versions along with other useful information. To visit our support page, please click here.

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