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Cyborg-Lab Signs Distribution agreement.We are happy to announce that Precise Automation has signed a distribution agreement with Cyborg-Lab ( Cyborg-Lab will distribute Precise's robot, controller and vision products in Korea. Adaptive Robotics will continue to represent Precise in Korea as well.
Precise Automation
Motion Designs Inc signs representative agreement. We are happy to announce that Precise Automation has signed a rep agreement with Motion Designs Inc. ( Motion Designs will represent Precise's robot, controller and vision products in California.
Precise Automation

PreciseFlex Sample Handler Now Available.The PreciseFlex Sample Handler is now shipping. The PreciseFlex (PF) is a 4-axis sample handler, with a servo gripper, that is ideal for benchtop Life Science applications where price, ease-of-use, space requirements and safety are critical. The controller, harnesses and power supplies are embedded within the mechanism's structure. Combined with its space saving design, the PreciseFlex is able to service many stations in an extremely small workcell. Also, this sample handler includes safety features that disable motor power when a minimal, unexpected force is encountered, thus allowing the PF to operate without safety shields in benchtop applications. For more information, please click here.

Linear Travel Axis for PF Now Available.The PreciseFlex Sample Handler's unique design allows it to reach a wide range of locations in an extremely small footprint. Its working volume can be expanded even further with the addition of the PreciseFlex Linear Travel Axis. The PreciseFlex Sample Handler can be mounted on this linear axis to allow it to reach a variety of different inline workstations or move between available cells. More information will be available on our website soon.
Version 3.1 Software NOW Available. GPL, GDS and PreciseVision version 3.1 are shipping now. They will be available for download via Precise's support webpages soon.  This release includes many new features including:  support for the new G1000A/B controllers; new kinematic modules; dynamic feedforward compensation; improved gravity compensation and torque output filtering; "Jog To" panel within GDE and support for editing numeric global variables; frequency analysis within the Datalogger Viewer; new Barcode Reader tool and major Finder GUI upgrade within PV; etc. If you own Precise software licenses and would like to be notified when new software versions are available for download, please e-mail your company name and product serial number to You will then automatically receive e-mail notification when updates are available through our web page. To visit our support page, please click here.

Upcoming Trade Shows. Visit Precise Automation at:
Semicon West 2012, Booth 6186, July 10-12, 2012 in San Francisco, CA, USA.
AACC's Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo 2012, Booth 3129, July 17-19, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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