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Mr. Brian Carlisle
President and CEO

Mr. Carlisle has 30 years experience in the robotics industry.  Before co-founding Precise with Dr. Shimano, Mr. Carlisle was CEO of Adept Technology and led the company to sales of over $100 million.  He has served on the Board of the National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM), the Boards of the National Center for Manufacturing Science (NCMS), the Automation Forum of NEMA and is a founding member of the National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI).  Mr. Carlisle holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Dr. Bruce Shimano
COO and VP of R&D

Dr. Shimano has 30 years experience in the robotics industry.  Before co-founding Precise with Mr. Carlisle, Dr. Shimano was co-founder and VP of R&D at Adept Technology.  Dr. Shimano has led the development of many significant robotic software packages including VAL, VAL-II, V+, and AIM.  He received a BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and was a research assistant at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Ms. Betsy Lange

Ms. Lange has over 20 years experience in Finance.  Before joining Precise, she was CFO of Adept Technology and took the company public.  She holds a MBA from Santa Clara University


Mr. Brian Powell
Vice President of Sales and Operations

Mr. Powell has spent over 20 years selling factory automation to various manufacturers in disk drive, biosciences, semiconductor, medical devices and consumer goods.  Before joining Precise, Mr. Powell served as Program Manager with Xyratex supplying factory floor automation to disk drive and solar industry customers.  He was also one of the top Sales Managers at Adept Technology.  Prior to selling robots, Mr. Powell gained experience in machine vision and symbolic identification systems as a  Regional Sales Manager at RVSI, now part of Siemen’s Simatic Sensors.  Mr. Powell holds a B. S. in Computer Science and earned his M.B.A. (Honors) from Saint Mary’s College of California.

Mr. Mike Ouren
Sales Engineer

Mr. Ouren has spent 15 years engineering, supporting, and selling robotic systems in the life sciences, electronics, semiconductor and surgical industries.  Before joining Precise, Mr. Ouren served as the Clinical Development Manager for Restoration Robotics, where he was part of the core robotics focused team that took the product from prototype to FDA cleared and ready for sale.  He later served as the Technology Manager and created the ARTASLive interactive surgical broadcast program that brings prospective surgeons together with existing users of the product from anywhere in the World.  Mr. Ouren gained a deep understanding of robots and their various uses when he worked as both an Applications and Sales Engineer for Staubli Robotics France and Staubli Robotics North America.  Mr. Ouren holds a B. S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University.

Mr. Sean Allen
Sales Engineer

Mr. Allen has spent the last three years selling direct to automation machine builders in industries including: machine vision inspection, semi-conductor board handling, ballistic forensic analyzers, automated guided vehicles (AGV), pharmaceutical dispensing machines and more. Before joining Precise, he served as a Factory Automation Regional Sales Manager at MISUMI covering the southeastern United States and the eastern half of Canada and increasing sales by double digits. Mr. Allen holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Florida.

Mr. Jim Shimano
Program Manager

Mr. Shimano has over 10 years experience in product management and operations. Before joining Precise, he was a Professor of Chemistry at Cerritos College and a senior research assistant and lab manager at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Shimano holds a MBA from UC Irvine and a MS in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Clifford Geschke
Director - Software

Dr. Geschke has over 30 years experience in robotics research and development.  He was the Technical Director of Software at Adept Technology where he was a principle designer and implementer of controller architecture and programming languages.  Dr. Geschke holds a BS EE degree from Purdue University and both MS EE and PhD EE degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana.

Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni
Director – Electrical Engineering

Mr. Kulkarni has 20 years experience in Digital Design, PCB design and logic design.  For the last ten years, he has been involved in controller design for the automation industry.  He was Director of Electrical Engineering at Adept Technology and holds a MS in Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Paul Cronin
Director - Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Cronin has almost 15 years experience in electromechanical design and robotics. Prior to joining Precise, he worked on electromechanical systems design and analysis for ATK and designed precision robotics for Adept.  He holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Mr. Don Allan
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Allan has 50 years of mechanical engineering experience including: five years managing plant equipment, two years managing automation in the toy industry, five years managing automation for Raychem, ten years consulting in electromechancial engineering and 28 years of robot design.  He holds six US patents and was Director of Advanced Mechanisms at Adept Technology.

Mr. Carl Lee
Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Lee has over 10 years experience in motion control and automation industries. Before joining Precise, he worked on control software and application development at Varian Inc, Adept Technology and Delta Tau Data System. Mr. Lee holds a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Nathan Roof
Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Mr. Roof has over 15 years experience in mechanical design, assembly and manufacturing. Before joining Precise, he worked in design, analysis and manufacturing of freighter conversions of Boeing 757 aircraft, automation solutions for semi-conductor testing, and design and manufacturing of custom body work and modifications for automobiles. Mr. Roof holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of California at San Diego.


Ms. Stella Kulkarni
Sales operations and purchasing

Ms. Kulkarni has over 15 years experience in purchasing/manufacturing. Before joining Precise, she was in charge of purchasing and manufacturing at an electronics OEM for 8 years and worked as a Purchasing Manager, buying over $1,000,000 of electronics components annually, for 8 years.

Mr. Mike Fusillo
Electronics Technician

Mr. Fusillo has over 14 years experience as an electronics and support technician. Before joining Precise, he was a quality assurance technician for product development at Leapfrog Enterprises. Mr. Fusillo also held positions as lead R&D technician at Trimble Navigation and as a customer service technician at Dyna Mechtronics.

Ms. Veronica Chi
Purchasing Agent

Ms. Chi has over 15 years experience in purchasing/manufacturing. Before joining Precise, she worked as a Senior Project/NPI Buyer for several OEM and contract manufacturing companies in a variety of industries including telecommunication, semiconductor, medical and military. Ms. Chi was responsible for buying for systems valued at $10,000,000 for more than 10 years.


Dr. Scott Roth
Consultant – Machine Vision

Dr. Roth has over 30 years experience in 2-D and 3-D computer vision for inspection, metrology and object recognition.  Before joining Precise, he worked with the Institute of Nuclear Studies, General Motors Research Labs, Adept Technology, Datacube Inc and CyberOptics Corp.  Dr. Roth holds a PhD from Caltech and a BA in Math from Cal State Long Beach.

Mr. Bob Esslinger
Consultant - Power Engineering

Mr. Esslinger has 40 years experience in power amplifier design.  He designed and tested several power control systems, power amplifiers and PCAs and conducted reliability studies that saved over $100,000 in repair and replacement costs.  Mr. Esslinger holds a BS in EE.

Mr. Victor Criswell
Consultant - Software

Mr. Criswell has over 18 years of experience in factory automation including systems integration, application engineering and software development. His focus has been on the user experience and ease of use of the product. He was Manager of Application Engineering at Adept Technology and holds a BSEET.

Mr. Don Briner
Consultant - Cartesian Robot Design

Mr. Briner is the founder of BYE/Oasis and Briner/Yeaman Engineering.  He has considerable semiconductor fabrication experience including machine design, robot applications, designs for contamination control and factory design.  He holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University and a BME from Georgia Tech.

Dr. Gurusham Sudhir
Consultant - Machine Vision

Dr. Sudhir has over 20 years experience in computer vision and in image/video processing/compression. Prior to joining Precise, he worked on software and system designs for vision applications. He holds a PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a B.Engg. in Electronics from Bangalore University.


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