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Meet Our Founders

Mr. Brian Carlisle and Dr. Bruce Shimano founded Precise Automation on January 13, 2004 and are the President and Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Carlisle and Dr. Shimano formerly founded Adept Technology in 1983.  Adept grew to sales of over $100 million by the late 1990s and was the technology leader in small part material handling and assembly automation.  Mr. Carlisle was CEO of Adept, and Dr. Shimano was Vice President of Research and Development.

Prior to founding Adept, Mr. Carlisle and Dr. Shimano were key members of the team that developed the PUMA™ robot for Unimation Inc.  The PUMA™ robot was the watershed product that launched the assembly robot business in the United States and Europe.

Dr. Clifford Geschke is a founding member of Precise Automation.  Dr. Geschke and Dr. Shimano were principal initial architects of many of Adept’s and Unimation’s software products including VAL-II™, V+™, and AIM™.

Shimano and Carlisle
Shimano and Carlisle

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