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This page contains video clips that illustrate our products being used with a variety of customer equipment and in other demonstrations. 

PF400 - The World's First Collaborative SCARA Robot

PF400 - World's First Collaborative SCARA Robot
Collaborative robots are mechanisms that can be safely operated next to people without the need for safety barriers.  The PF400 is intrinsically safe since all of the forces generated by its axes are limited so that the robot cannot hurt a user even if it collides with them at full speed.

PreciseFlex Sample Handler

HighResBio's Acell
HighRes' ACell is small and safe enough for the bench top, yet flexible enough to integrate with any of HighRes' world class storage devices, and easy enough to install and teach quickly.

Lab Services' PlateButler
PreciseFlex Sample Handler integrated with Lab Services' software for laboratory robotic integration.


Biosero Automated 72 hr dose response assay
Combined with planning software such as Biosero's Green Button Go, the PF400 can be used in a variety of workcell applications.

Two Lab Services' PlateButlers on Rail
With the PF400 mounted on a linear rail option, a large volume of sample locations can be reached with a single robot without safety shields or a large cell footprint. Here, two Lab Services' Platebutlers work side-by-side to service a wide variety of analytical equipment.

PrecisePlace Robots

PrecisePlace 1300

3-axis Cartesian robot moving through a typical pick-and-place trajectory.  Note: Robot is not moving at full speed
Path Following

Path Following
The PrecisePlace robot features multi-axis kinematics and smooth quiet motion.  The displayed complex path is easily programmed in the robot’s GPL language.  Note: Robot is not moving at full speed.
Pick & Place

Vision Guided Pick & Place
The PrecisePlace 4-axis robot equipped with PreciseVision can automatically adjust to parts in any position and orientation. Note: Robot is not moving at full speed.
Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling
PrecisePlace robots feature versatile configurations that can be used for a variety of applications.  Here, the controller’s 4th axis operates a syringe operator.

PreciseFlex 1400 Robots

PreciseFlex 1300

4-axis SCARA robot moving through a typical plate handling demonstration.  Note: Robot is running at 15% of top speed.

Guidance Controllers - OEM Motion Control


Guidance System D4/D6
DENSO 6-Axis Robot
The Guidance System D4/D6 are complete vision guided motion control systems designed to drive 4 or 6-axis DENSO robots. The standard DENSO robot cable plugs directly into the front of these control systems with no extra cables or cable converters. These systems are designed to operate a DENSO mechanism at its full capability and provide a convenient, ready-to-use way to gain access to all of the features offered by Guidance Controllers.

Guidance Controller
Cyborg Lab LED Inspection Robot
CLICK HERE to open a new browser to view video on Lab Services' YouTube page.
Precise's series of Guidance Motion Controllers feature Precise's extensive kinematic library. This kinematic library allows the programmer to control complex machines with simple Cartesian commands (e.g. move 20 mm in the X direction). This enables robots controlled by Guidance Controllers to move with extremely smooth, elegant motions no matter how complex the path or the geometry of the robot.
Delta Robot

Guidance 3420A
Delta Robot
Precise's powerful Guidance controllers combined with our extensive kinematics library, conveyor tracking and PreciseVision software can greatly improve the performance, tracking errors and settling times of your automation. Delta robots controlled by Precise products have shown a 20% improvement in high performance, pick-and-place packing applications when compared to other controllers
Room Size Gantry

Guidance 3410A
Room Size Gantry
The Guidance 3400 controller supplies an incredible amount of power for its small size.  It is powerful enough to drive room size gantries, yet small enough to be built within the robot structure.  This allows a large gantry to move freely around its workspace without being tethered to a large controller box.

Agilent DDR

Guidance 2410
Agilent Direct Drive Robot
CLICK HERE to open a new browser to view video on Aglient's website.
Agilent Technologies' new DDR robot features state-of-the-art direct drive technology and is controlled by one of Precise Automation's powerful motion controllers.  The controller is embedded in the inner link of the robot and contributes to the robot's reliability and speed, and ability to move smoothly with precision and accuracy.


Guidance Controller
Serbot Robotic Climbing System
CLICK HERE to open a new browser to view video on Serbot's YouTube page.
If the kinematic model for your mechanism is not contained in Precise's library of kinematic modules, for a nominal NRE charge, Precise can develop custom kinematic modules to control a wide variety of robot configurations.  This includes unique configurations such as Serbot's Robotic Climbing System designed for cleaning windows and solar panels.
Wafer Handler

Guidance 2410B
Wafer Handling robot
Guidance Controllers are ideal for a variety of semi-conductor wafer handling applications. Kinematics are available for single yaw, dual yaw, single or dual arm wafer transfer robots and many other geometries.
OEM Motion

Guidance 3410a
Linear Motor Gantry
A gantry robot with linear motors is controlled by the Guidance 3400 Controller. The Guidance's small footprint eliminated the need for a large controller cabinet.


Guidance System
Cartesian Robot
Add the power and capabilities of the Guidance Controller to other robots. The Guidance System can be attached to the robot structure to save space and reduce harnessing (after which only an AC and Ethernet cord are needed for the operation of the robot).




Visual Servoing
PreciseVision continuously takes pictures and sends position and orientation corrections to the robot to rapidly align a part to a stage.
Pick & Place

Vision Guided Pick and Place
PreciseVision identifies the position and orientation of multiple parts and the robot’s pick-up location is updated dynamically.

Vision Guided Palletizing
PreciseVision identifies the position and orientation of a pallet.  The robot is then instructed to move to several individual positions within the pallet.
Color Camera Support

Color Camera Support
PreciseVision now supports Dalsa color cameras, enabling vision to sort objects by color.

Applications - Guidance Dispense

Guidance Dispense

Guidance Dispense
Guidance Dispense is a software package that can execute in any Guidance Series Controller. When used with a Precise robot or a third party mechanism, the system can automatically dispense adhesives, sealants and other fluids along both simple and arbitrarily complex paths.

Guidance Dispense
PrecisePlace robots can be equipped with Guidance Dispense software tools.  The combination of our smooth and quiet traction drive, powerful controller and optional vision make our robots ideal for your dispensing application.

Vision Guided Dispensing

Vision Guided Dispensing
PreciseVision locates a part. The robot is then instructed to dispense along the proper path based on the parts' position and orientation.


Applications - Conveyor Tracking

Guidance Dispense

Conveyor Tracking
Conveyor tracking permits a robot to pick and place parts on one or more moving, linear conveyor belts. Combined with the powerful Guidance Controller and easy to use PreciseVision software, conveyor tracking makes the process of loading or unloading belts much simpler to automate. This is a critical requirement in many packaging applications.
Guidance Dispense

Conveyor tracking and all of the other powerful capabilities of Precise's motion control are available on any robot using our Guidance Motion Controller. In this video, a Denso SCARA is executing a conveyor tracking application controlled by a Guidance Controller.
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